Hi, my name is Sandy. Iā€™m a writer, designer and illustrator from Perth, Western Australia. I work with creatives and brands who want to make something good in this ridiculous world.

What's new?

6 Mar 2021 ā›”ļø Fully booked. I am currently unavailable for new projects. However if you wish to get in touch anyway to talk about your project, I may know other creative professionals who could help.

Writing services

Lorem ipsum content writing text copywriting UX SEO keywords text writing šŸ˜± Not cool, right? Let's make sure your content turns out better.

Design services

Let's start with the basics ā€” simple, elegant design to convey your brand's commitment to professionalism and care.

Illustration services

Custom illustrations for books, news and blog editorial, and social media content to bring your next release to life.

About Me

Sandy Lim makes a living from words and pictures. A former digital creative, web professional and old-school blogger, she brings to each project a multidisciplinary perspective and over twenty years of hands-on experience.