Why hire me?

Just because you can write, it doesn’t mean you should.

Not being mean, I promise!

You may be a great writer, or have great writers on board, but without the time to put those talents into practice, you’ll find your content messy, incomplete, or barely even started.

It takes time and effort to research and understand both the subject matter and the expectations of your audience. Not to mention the best practices for your medium.

That’s quite an effort when you have a business to build, a project to run, a life to get on with… aka. “more important things to do”.

This is where I can help.

You need someone to translate ideas and facts into a story that engages your audience.

You need someone to make your essay fit the word (or character) limits.

You need someone to just write the damn thing.

Let me help you make words for your project, or provide your less experienced writers with support and skills coaching.

Email me, tweet me, or message me on LinkedIn. Let’s get your thing done.